Letting my true colors show….

Let your true colors show…..(sang by Cyndi Lauper)

For all my life, I’ve been afraid…afraid to let my true gifts out to the world, even as I write, I write under the alias of gracie rae.  It seems at the place where I earn my living has the right to monitor what I write and say.  It seems they can misconstrue my intentions.  They….the proverial they…can think what they may.  I’ve made a decision, felt the rising up of my color and I’ve held it in as long as I am going to…..I’m gonna be me and I don’t give a fuck what anyone else thinks or feel.  I am a sexy hot southern born and bred minister who is too liberal and edgy for the traditional church.  I continue to feel called.  I continue to be beckoned by the divine but my experiences have caused me to feel cynical and be filled with some disbelief that the church might become what it was intended to become–will the church ever let out any true color or will they always live within the framework created by a bunch of crotchety old men.

I am listening..wondering…thinking…..The other day I met a wise healing woman who told me….”your supposed to start a church”.  I’ve wrestled with this and thought about this many days.  I’ve talked to my gay friends about it and spoken to my liberal edgy friends who say they will come.

I am listening God.

I am listening.

Isn’t it time to let my true colors show….

like a rainbow filled congregation?

what do you think?