About the Rambling Rambler from the South

This sexy hot mama comes all the way from the southern part of the USA.  She grew up in a little country town that has a four-way stop and a flashing red light.  She grew up, moved to the big city life and found the man of her dreams—BiG Daddy.  They married, settled down and produced two off spring and together they make up the “off color family.”  Life with BiG Daddy and the two off-color children is never dull.  Mattie Mae and Bubba Joe make coupled with BiG Daddy’s antics–well let’s just say:  Life is never, ever normal.  

Sexy Hot Mama, Gracie Rae, holds it all together and shares her interpretation of the world through writing.  She believes all of us have a story and in the telling of our tales, we discover and uncover who we are. She thinks what she feels and says what she thinks–honest to the core she is–both a good and a bad thing.  She writes about hope, faith, love, life.  Intermingled with theological perspectives she intervenes and gives the reader a break with an occasional “off color” story.

Sexy Hot Mama, Gracie Rae, takes the reader on an adventure of mind and heart. Her daily reflections are given to the readers as a gift.  She hopes her words will help others find their deeper inner self and actualize for the good of the world.

Y’all come on back now ……you hear!

   Sexy hot mama, the radical rambler from the South, otherwise                                                                    known as Gracie Rae.


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