hidden treasures……

Recently on a walk around the block, God’s grace moved over me as the breeze of the wind moved my hair, waved the leaves, rustled the air.

Scattered among the remnant of summer in the midst of crunched up leaves, variegated colors and left over summer clover, I stood taking pictures of God’s breath-taking canvas and works of art.  The perspective of the palate met me…moved me…overtook me.  I clicked the camera…looked at leaves, lowered myself on my knees at the altar of the world’s sanctuary.  I snapped and oohed and ahhed!

Later in the evening, as I reviewed my pictures of the day…..I was surprised to find a hidden treasure.

I gazed at the above picture and was amazed at the wonder of hidden clover, sun shining and one bright red leaf.  I laughed…


just perhaps,

as I knelt under the canopy of sky, on bended knee, grace jumped out and covered me with God’s pixie dust and changed me a bit if you will.

Hidden behind the cast of the sun, against the canvas of a red leaf, Tinkerbell jumped out to greet me and


go on southern girl…

you got to believe in the wonder of the universe, the gift of love and a special kind of hope that jumps out to grab you and

for all of that day…

for my hidden treasure of a fairy…

I say Thank you.


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