Just a swingin’….

In the south, problems are wrestled out, talked about and thought out while sittin’ on the front porch.   Typically, this is done in the cool evening breeze, lemonaid in hand, grand ole opry playin’ on the radio.  Life is slow here and folks can take time to do those kinds of things.  The kids are often off runnin’ barefoot in the dirt, catching lightening bugs and playin’ tag, so the chaos of the day suddenly halts and there is time for a bit of  thinkin’.   Lots of life problems have been solved moving to the rhythem of the porch swing, the clank of chains, the slow moving zone inducing rhythm….it is meditative in itself.   Sometimes, there is talkin’ and arguin’ and solving the worlds problems, sometimes good friends–they just sit there all day, moving and thinkin’ and listenin’ and never havin’ to say a word….cause with good friends..there ain’t no need to use words…..there is a way, a movement in the air….and they just know.

Way down in the south, there is a place to think and be….it’s called the porch swing…so if you are heavy, down, or just tired.   Take off your shoes, feel the cool breeze on your face and let he rhyme of the swing take you on a holy journey.   I’ll see you on the porch swing.


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